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How to Work Out While Watching TV

When it comes to exercising most of the time you will say that you do not have enough time to exercise! However, every day you take out time so that you can watch your favorite tv show on the television. Thus, when you are able to take out some time to get entertained why don’t you utilize that time for burning out some calories?

The good news is it is possible to work out WHILE you watch television.  This will allow you to still enjoy your favorite show while you lose some calories. Here is how:

Make the most out of commercials

In almost any show you will find break in between for the commercials they show. Utilize these commercials and do work out along with them. When the commercial stops you can take rest and start again during the next commercial break. You can start with something simple like walking in place and work your way up to exercises like jumping jacks, sit-ups, push-ups, lunges, squats, planks, or burpees. That way you will not get bored with the exercise routine and at the same time you will be doing something to burn calories!

Walk as much as you can!

Walking although seems simple but it helps you lose maximum calories. Hence, whenever you get time walk. Just do not sit on the couch and watch television, instead position your treadmill in front of the tv and walk. While watching a show if you keep walking you will be losing calories while your mind gets entertained from the series going on in the tv.

Even if you do not have a treadmill, no issues, just do not sit on the couch and watch television, but walk in front of the tv while your watch your favorite show.

Use a dumbbell

While you are enjoying a show on the television, you can tone up your arms with a pair of dumbbells. Keep them beside you while you are watching television and do simple exercises like curls and presses while either standing or sitting. You can use a light dumbbell and you will find that you do not know when you have used the dumbbells for quite some time as you are busy watching the show on the television.

Watch fitness related shows

And while you watch out fitness shows you can workout with them. That way you will learn about fitness, burn calories, and at the same time spend time in front of television.

Your final aim is to lose calories so remember that you must not sit idle while you watch television but keep on moving as you will lose some calories with every movement.

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