100% Cotton Zabuton Meditation Cushion with Designs

This Chai colored zabuton is stuffed with a generous three inches of natural cotton stuffing. The cotton is packed densely enough to offer cast toughen, and yet is cushy enough to offer nice comfort. The outer duvet is product of a strong, one hundred% twill cotton with a lovely pattern. The duvet includes a zipper along one period in order that it may be simply got rid of and washed. Throughout the duvet, the batting is enclosed in a natural cotton casing. Every zabuton is 36” long by 28” wide by 3” tall. Zabutons are oblong cushions frequently used below a zafu cushion to offer comfort and toughen to lend a hand you for your sitting apply. Zabutons also are very flexible yoga props, and can be utilized as a shoulder stand pad or as a bolster when folded in part.










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