28″ x 22″ x 65.5″ White Blake SlimRac Mobile Weight Rack – with Mirror – CL-5131

5 independent, quick-change positions for holding your choice of exercise band (50 yds., hollow core center only) and/or tubing. (Tubing spools sold separately. All items shown not included.)
Holds up to 48 cuff weights, 16 dumbbells and 5 rolls of exercise band
Rac design uses all 4 sides for greater storage capacity; Minimum floor space requirement

Blake SlimRac with Reflect
5 unbiased, fast-modification positions for containing your selection of workout band (50 yds., hole core heart most effective) and/or tubing. (Tubing spools offered one at a time. All pieces proven now not included.)
Holds as much as 48 cuff weights, 16 dumbbells and 5 rolls of workout band
Rac design makes use of all 4 facets for better garage capability; Minimal ground area requirement
Reflect has polished edges and ANSI protection backing; Robust polycarbonate dumbbell rods are angled for additonal balance
Protecting bumper molding round base