Arm Chair

Great for developing scapular stability and functional upper body strength.
Solid and sturdy maple frame construction will hold up to rigors of daily use.
Transport wheels for easy moving and storage when not in use.

Balanced Body is worked up to re-introduce the Arm Chair, inspired by the fervour of master teacher Julian Littleford for this apparatus. A standard piece of apparatus at the start designed by Joseph Pilates, no better tool exists for developing scapular stability and functional higher body strength, and for bettering higher body posture.

Great for clients at any level and particularly appealing to men, the Arm Chair develops higher body strength with scapular stability, and effectively integrates core and higher body work.

You can in finding it helpful for correcting posture for clients who work at a desk all day, for pro athletes and for seniors working to Beef up posture and care for sturdy bones.

The cozy, stable seat supplies beef up and proprioceptive feedback to the higher body throughout arm exercises. Two sets of springs provide the flexibility you wish to have for any client.

The Arm Chair’s functionality, small footprint and portability make it a really perfect addition in your studio.

Specifications: Height, 39″ (99cm), Length, 39″ (99cm); Width of Base, 14″ (36cm); Width of Rod, 30″ (72cm). Weight, 54 lbs (24.5 kg).

Stock upholstery color: Black.
Great for developing scapular stability and functional higher body strength.
Solid and durable maple frame construction will hold as much as rigors of day by day use.
Transport wheels for simple moving and storage when now not in use.
Beef up higher body posture.
Fine addition to any studio or home.















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