Basic Aerial Yoga Hammock (Yoga Swing/sling, Aerial Yoga, Antigravity)

Steel Carabiners
Hammock is one continuous piece
Machine Washable

The elemental aerial yoga hammock, the third generation in customized aerial yoga hammocks by Flying Trapeze artist, Kerry Tice. The simplicity of design makes this yoga hammock simple to clean and adds flying functionality. We carry numerous vivid colors that supply a perfect artistic addition to any area. The elemental flying yoga hammock is a continuing 5.25-yard piece of brilliant aerial fabric, featuring two stirrups or handles that can be utilized for aerial yoga postures, TRX, foot loops, or hand loops. Our taste of yoga hammock means that you can cocoon (be completely submersed in fabric), invert, carry out aerial yoga postures and a lot more! This set includes what it is important to set up – 2x Steel carabiners, and The elemental flying yoga hammock. To be had in many colours! If you do not see the colour you might be searching for, we could possibly get it for you. Compare the deluxe flying yoga hammock to the OmGym or Antigravity Swing. Fabric is 110″ wide, 5.25 yards long. This hammock is designed by the director of coaching on the leading aerial yoga teacher coaching school within the nation – Circusoul. Circusoul offers the one comprehensive aerial yoga teacher coaching To be had on the earth. With over 164 hours of aerial yoga coaching followed by a 55 hour apprenticeship.
Steel Carabiners
Hammock is one continuous piece
Machine Washable
Vivid Colors
Multifunctional Uses












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