bfp Pezzia Soccer System Set 1-Weighted Balls

12 balls for a proposal goalkeeper-training!

To develop a work stimulus of the arms we thought to utilise soccer balls of same colour and size but of various weights. Before the work proposal we will have to have in mind the worth of proprioceptivity for the very best limbs of the goal keeper. Specifically, it permits proper contact with the soccer ball in The correct time and way. The correct way does not regard just the “precision” factor, but includes the proper speed of action and the “proper force” to the ball. This factor determines the grip in addition to the deviations. The balls of various weights obliges the last defender to make use of three different and specific adaptations. The primary is seen all through the throws. If truth be told, a light ball over a short distance, and on the same force, arrives before a heavy ball. This factor obliges our athlete to accomplish movements preceding contact with the ball at different speed, consistent with the burden of the ball thrown. This internal adaptation stimulates the proper number of intervention (timing). The second one stimulating factor regards the modulation in the proper degree of force to dam the ball. If truth be told, we all know that two equal and opposite forces cancel every other and it’s this idea that some principles are tied to the technical act of catching the ball. Within the sense, the use of different balls, means to coach the arms to control continuous variations of various forces. This internal adaptation stimulates the “sensitivity”, of the articular proprioceptors (above all of the “golgi” tendons) and pressure.

Set consists of:

2 balls system gr. 200 22 cm

2 balls system gr. 300 22 cm

2 balls system gr. 400 22 cm

2 balls system gr. 600 22 cm

2 balls system gr. 800 22 cm

2 balls system gr.1000 22 cm

1 hand pump small 19 cm

1 dvd guide to exercises with the kit nr. 1 system













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