Break Point Women’s Gi Dragonfly + FREE Submission & Position Videos + 30 Day Comfort Guarantee – IBJJF Competition Approved

Designed for the Female Body
No Seem On The Back
Durable & Light Weight

The Dragonfly gi has been designed with the feminine body in mind. We all know comfort and magnificence at the side of durability is terribly essential for the women of the sport. This Gi has been constructed to be long lasting and as tricky as our Men’s Gi’s because We all know the Jiu-Jitsu girls installed simply as much fight if no longer more all over coaching and competition. The Dragonfly has no seam at the back and is a one piece construction most sensible, and the pants are bolstered within the knee house for optimum durability. Additionally it is 95% pre-Shriveled as comes with all embroidery and patches simply as pictured. We provide 7 other sizes to suit a big selection of body varieties.
Designed for the Female Body
No Appear On The Back
Durable & Gentle Weight
95% Pre-Shriveled
IBJJF Competition Approved