Bumps High Density EVA Foam Rollers Textured – 6 Sizes, Made in USA, Bean Products

High density sturdy EVA foam for performance and durability 6 inch Dia.
Myofascial release bumps to help break up adhesions
Unique stimulating bumps are better than flat rollers

6 inch diameter Bumps very Top density EVA foam rollers are to be had in 6 sizes to permit for positioning, balance, postural and muscle re-education. 1/2 Round shapes are great for foot, ankle, Achilles tendon and calf rehabilitation, strengthening and stretching.

Can be used as a rocker board for stability and balance coaching by status on flat aspect. Full 36 inch length is absolute best for spine and torso work and split leg status exercises. 18 inch length is economical and convenient. 12 inch lengths are great for go back and forth, can are compatible into bags and luggage or can be utilized independently or in pairs for bi-lateral arm or leg instability exercises (killer push-united states of americaor squats.)

Choose a number of styles and sizes for an entire number of exercise options. Very durable Bumps Extra Large Eva foam roller supplies better massage and myofacial unlock. Stimulating bumps at the Bumps roller gives better massage to more skin and muscle layers yet aren’t as harsh as oversize bumps bearing in mind longer simpler massage sessions. Distinctive bumpy surface is more uncomplicated to grip and not more slippery.

Made from Top density top of the range molded EVA foam for years of use. 6 Inch Diameter x 36 or 18 or 12 inch lengths, full round or half round form. Made in USA by Bean Products.
Top density robust EVA foam for performance and sturdiness 6 inch Dia.
Myofascial unlock bumps to assist get a divorce adhesions
Distinctive stimulating bumps are better than flat rollers
6 sizes: Full Round or half Round in 36 in.,18 in. and 12 in. Lengths
Versatile for balance, massage, strength, physical therapy and rehab










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