D Dr. Health Vertical Vibration Whole Body Fitness Exercise Machine–Elder Recovery Medical Exercise

√ Get tired, use it;
√ Want to burn fat, use it;
√ Just finish your workout plan, use it;

Hi,there!That is D Dr.Health here.

Then we can can help you to understand more about D Dr. Health Vertical Vibration Fitness Machine


Speed range: 1-9 levels;

Dimensions: 25*15*7 inches;

Vibration Frequency: 15-45 Hz;

Weight:50 pounds;

Vibration Amplitude: 2 mm(moves less distance, be very quick movements)

110 V, 60 Hz for operation within US and Canada – Just plugs into any abnormal outlet!

Notice the vibration mode is totally different with normal vibration machine. Vertical vibration mode is a more natural solution to yourself.

The triangular motor moves the machine in a spiral type motion. Just like your mobile phone would vibrate on a table most sensible, your machine’s plate will do the similar.This sort of motion is great forincreasing muscle strength, bone density and helps with inflammation.


Maximum Load Weight: 350lbs

A manual, a remote controller and a power cord come with item.

Whole construction is made of professional quality steel.

Stable enough to keep your balance well.;

Assembled while you get it.

Exercise a day, keep Doctors away.

【Benefits】 of D Dr. Health Vertical Vibration Fitness Machine:

Small size easily store or move.

Won’t bother you when you find yourself watching movie or revel in your music(Game).

Designed for other people just like the old, place of work worker and the like. (After your place of work work, you do not want to visit gym. Stay at home along with your circle of relatives.)

Starting to perform a little exercise! Enjoying your Happy and Health life!

√ Get tired, use it;
√ Wish to burn fat, use it;
√ Just finish your workout plan, use it;
√ Just finish your food, plz dont use it.
√ Under different Level you’ll feel the quite a lot of form of exercises. Basically work to your chest,shoulders,arm,leg and abs. (from bottom to most sensible,from organ to skin.)