ExerSeat – Compact Hands Free Exercise Bike makes exercise easy for everyone

Hands Free
Space Saving, Lightweight, Easy to move
Extra Wide Comfortable Seat & Adjustable Height.

ExerSeat is a singular, hands free exercise Motorcycle with adjustable resistance for any user. It is design encourages Just right, straight posture aiding to strength the core in addition to your lower body. Multi tasking is simple with this Motorcycle. Read a book, use your pill or smartphone or change channels for your tv with ease even as exercising. Compact Hands Free Exercise Motorcycle makes exercise Simple for everybody, regardless of you’re at home or place of business keeping understanding even as watching TV, reading books, the use of your pill and even knitting. Losing extra calories is way more straightforward with this Motorcycle, merely sit down on it and use the resistance level you need.
Hands Free
Area Saving, Light-weight, Simple to transport
Extra Wide Relaxed Seat & Adjustable Height.
Interact core muscles
Just right for every age together with Seniors