FITBIT Flex Wireless Activity and Sleep Wristband

This slim, stylish device is with you at all times. Right through the day, it tracks steps, distance, and calories burned. At night, it tracks your sleep quality and wakes you silently within the morning. Just take a look at the lights to see how you stack up against your own goal. It is the motivation you want to get out and be more active.Set a goal and go, Flex lets you set a goal and uses LED lights to turn how you are stacking up. Each and every light represents 20% of your goal. You select which one, steps, calories, or distance. It lights up like a scoreboard, challenging you to be more active each day. Flex Tracks:*Steps taken*Distance travelled*Calories burned*Active minutes*Hours slept*Quality of sleepPowered by Fitbit’s leading-edge accelerometer, Flex bases calculations like calories burned to your personal profile reflecting your stats, not any average Joes.Flex never sleeps, even while you do. Continue to wear it all night and it is going to measure your sleep quality. Your dashboard will reveal how long you slept and the choice of times you aroused from sleep that can assist you discover ways to sleep more soundly. Flex also has a silent wake alarm that gently vibrates to wake you at your desired time, without disturbing your partner.Flex routinely syncs your data to PCs, Macs, iPhone 4S & 5, iPad 3, Retina & mini, iPod touch, and to make a choice Android phones without plugging in or pushing buttons. This offers you real-time get admission to in your stats at the Fitbit dashboard all the way through the day. Also with make a choice NFC-enabled Android devices, you’ll tap your device to launch your Fitbit stats. It is like magic.












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