Fitness Republic Aerobic Step (Exercise Stepper / Cardio Steps)

Fitness Republic Aerobic Step is slip-free strong equipment that gives you an elevated and adjustable cast platform to accomplish more than a few cardiovascular exercises necessary on your health. Tempted to have a customized stepper? Opt for it – get a stepper now!

Product Benefits
Aerobic Step is valuable in concentrated on your hamstrings and glutes. It also works for different cardiovascular exercises such as lunges, aerobic step-up, burpee-jumps and more. Additionally, with its adjustable risers you’ll also use it to make stronger your back and chest muscles. Aerobic step routine is helping you burn fat, shred pounds and get you the easiest physique.

How To Use
Carry out a few choreographed movements on an elevated platform and work your higher body, lower body and cardiovascular system with an aerobic step. This straightforward to store, simple to make use of, wide and durable piece of kit is a brilliant addition for a flexible workout sessions. Incorporate more than a few cardiovascular exercises into your workout routine and regulate the increasing weight whilst developing a desired body form!










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