Fuji Sekai Women’s BJJ Gi – White

Brand New
Manufactured By Fuji

Sekai way “International” in Jap. This unique BJJ Gi from Fuji Sports used to be designed for serious performance and as a tribute to the arena of BJJ. Inside of print options one of the most hottest spaces where BJJ is widely practiced. The ladies’s Sekai additionally options the Jap Kanji “Onna”, which means “Lady”.

Features a Girls’s cut – tapered waist, sleeves and pants.
Lightweight cloth ideal for BJJ weigh-ins
Triple strengthened rip prevent pants
Stiff collar with further rows of stitching
Bungee wire drawstring
Contrast stitching

FUJI Girls’s Size Chart:

    Height         Weight       Size

4′ 10″ – five’ 1″   ninety five – 110 lbs.    W0

5′ 2″ – five’ five”    one hundred ten – 140 lbs.   W1

5’five” – five’ nine”     one hundred forty – 170 lbs.   W2

5′ nine” – 6′ 1″    170 – 200 lbs.   W3

6′ zero” – 6′ four”    200 – 250 lbs.   W4

6′ zero” – 6′ four”    225 – 275 lbs.   W5

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Manufactured By means of Fuji