Garmin 010-01128 Forerunner 620

Claimed Weight: 1.5 oz
Date Indicator: yes
Water-Resistant: yes, 165ft (50m)

The Garmin Forerunner 620 is an innovative, run-tracking GPS watch designed to give a boost to running and training performance. Distance and pace are measured in the course of the watch’s GPS, which is able to sharing location data when synched with the Garmin LiveTrack application (sold one after the other). This GPS watch wirelessly pairs with the Garmin HRM Run Monitor (sold one after the other), taking into consideration heart rate monitoring and an entire host of other performance-measuring statistics derived from heart rate measurement. Cadence, vertical oscillation, and ground contact time are all measured in the course of the separate HRM Run Monitor. The internal accelerometer tracks distance when running indoors, getting rid of the need for a separate foot pod. Ever wonder just how fit you’re compared to peers of the similar age? The use of an set of rules which crunches running speed, bpm, and heart variability, the 620 estimates your VO2 max. After estimating this key statistic, the 620 compares your VO2 max to these of equivalent age through its colored gauge. The 620 may also predict race times for a number of distances according to your VO2 max. That is key when training for marathons and other long duration running events, and it means that you can push physical limits each time you train-until you reach the desired VO2 max and subsequent race time you are shooting for. Allowing you to put into effect a proper training schedule, the 620 learns your individual physiology according to heart rate data, and it factors this against your last workout, displaying how much time before you are fully recovered and in a position for the following run. After you could have completed a run, recovery time shows up, informing you of the correct resting duration before your next big workout. Color-coded gauges are easy to consider and read, as green is go and red means rest or engage in light recovery exercise. Storing and sharing all of this data, the 620 works in harmony with Wi-Fi hotspots and the Garmin Connect application (free download online) to routinely sy…
Claimed Weight: 1.5 oz
Date Indicator: yes
Water-Resistant: yes, 165ft (50m)
Dimensions: 1.8 x 1.8 x .5 in
Really useful Use: running, training


















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