Garmin Forerunner 920XT Tri Bundle

Altimeter: yes, barometric
Heart Rate Monitor: yes, HRM-Tri (included), HRM-Swim (included)
Speedometer Functions: current, average, maximum

The Forerunner 920XT Tri Bundle includes Garmin’s most sensible-tier multisport wearable and two heartrate monitors, either one of which expand the 920XT’s versatility by featuring unique properties to recommend them for different training and racing situations. For bricks or races where we’re wearing a most sensible to keep the monitor in place against water resistance, the HRM-Tri’s lighter weight and additional running metrics make it the most obvious choice; if we’re just understanding within the pool, despite the fact that, the HRM-Swim is the go-to choice for its ability to withstand chemicals and its non-slip strap. When paired with a type of heartrate monitors and/or a power meter, the 920XT’s feature list explodes. Notable examples include VO2 max estimates and running form metrics — the clever little guy even knows how long your feet are touching the bottom all through every stride. It also does the entire standard bicycle power output mapping and predicts running race times in accordance with info recorded all through workouts to be sure to’re heading in the right direction toward hitting your target times for every leg. The remaining advisor feature plays a role on this by letting you already know when it is time to let the engine idle all through recovery periods. Even without the included heartrate monitors, the 920XT offers an impressive array of features. It starts on the biological level, measuring sleep and calories burned, and moves on to the kinetics of coaching, including the entire classics like swim stroke counting, drill logging, distance alerts for running and swimming (because who hasn’t lost count of laps?), or even a metronome. For those who shouldn’t have a dedicated friend or significant other to follow you around clapping rhythmically all through your run, that last feature is especially welcome on frigid winter mornings when the one souls out are you and the threat of your summer race schedule. You could have already paid the entry fees, and the Forerunner 920XT makes sure your engine is heading in the right direction to with the ability to cover the fee come race day. The display is bright and…
Altimeter: yes, barometric
Heart Rate Monitor: yes, HRM-Tri (included), HRM-Swim (included)
Speedometer Functions: current, average, maximum
Wireless: yes, ANT+
















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