Grips Athletics Women’s Amazona Gi

Pearl Weave
100% Cotton
Anti Odor, triple stitching

Sewn with triple sewing, the Kimono Amazona permits the athlete room to transport, grapple, and fight with ease. The bolstered sewing permits for complete long-lasting wear. Now not most effective was once the Kimono designed with agility and speed in mind for the up to date athlete, however importantly, convenience. Our Kimono is a pioneer in its use of high quality design, like enhanced main points in bolstered padding and stretchable pants lace. Our customized lace permits for higher closure right through athletics follow and pageant. GRIPS Kimono could also be the primary to make use of COOLMAX , an leading edge padding design, bolstered for prime-affect coverage. Shoulder blade and knee padding prevents harm for key placement spaces right through martial efficiency. GRIPS Kimono Amazona is without equal for convenience, long wear and powerful efficiency.
Pearl Weave
one hundred% Cotton
Anti Odor, triple sewing
Anti Microbial