Heavy Padded Weight Lifting Straps by Ixion Gear

NEOPRENE CUSHIONING: added support to provide a comfortable feel during lifts
HIGH QUALITY COTTON MATERIAL: extremely durable and won’t slip during lifts
ONE SIZE FITS ALL: perfect for men and women, regardless of wrist size

Lifting straps are ideal for women and men into body building, crossfit, weightlifting, or powerlifting. Weightlifting straps give you the additional give a boost to needed all through the ones heavy lifts. B slipping your hand in the course of the lifting straps and wrapping the tip across the bar firmly, you are able to cut back the desired grip strength required for any pull exercise. These are ideal for exercises like shrugs, deadlifts, lat pulldowns, and pull ups. No longer best do lifting straps mean you can lift more weight, understanding your targeted muscles, but they mean you can perform the exercises safely to cut back injury risk to yourself and potentially others. Muscles start wearing out toward the tip of your exercises or workouts, especially the weaker muscles you may not be intentionally targeting. Lifting straps get rid of the danger of losing keep watch over of the bar and dropping it. In case you are having a look to get essentially the most from your workout within the safest manner conceivable, we highly recommend our Ixion lifting straps!
NEOPRENE CUSHIONING: added give a boost to to offer a comfortable feel all through lifts
HIGH QUALITY COTTON MATERIAL: extremely durable and may not slip all through lifts
ONE SIZE FITS ALL: highest for women and men, without reference to wrist size
EXTRA LONG: 1-1/2″ width by 23″ length










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