Islamic Travel Prayer Mat with Pocket Sized Carry Bag and Attached Compass (Burgundy)

Lightweight and portable travel mats in a carrying case are easy to tuck in your pocket or purse.
Keep one on hand to ensure that you have a clean place to pray.
Charming gift for any busy Muslim

These nylon fabric prayer mats are ideal for praying any place at the move. They’re light weight and have compatibility easily for your pocket, purse, or bag. They have got small weights in Every corner to Stay them down. Every mat measures approximately 24 X 38 inches and is available in an identical zippered wearing case that measures 4 1/2 X 6 inches. The case has a basic compass on it that may lend a hand give a general idea for quibla. These trip mats make the easiest gift for businessmen, scholars, and any individual else at the move, or Stay a couple of to be had for vistors. To be had in numerous colors (see separate listings).
Light-weight and conveyable trip mats in a wearing case are simple to tuck for your pocket or purse.
Stay one to be had to make certain that you may have a clean place to hope.
Charming gift for any busy Muslim
Full sized mat folds down into a pocket sized (6 by 4 1/2 inch) case.
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