Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer Bundle – Including Kinetic T750C Fixed Riser Ring and T741 Rubber Bicycle Trainer Floor Mat Black

This Set Includes:
1) Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer Green With DVD.
2) Kinetic T-750C Fixed Riser Ring.

Why Kinetic?

Leak-proof Performance:
Kinetic offers the smoothest, quietest, road-like resistance, and 100 percent leakproof performance. Fairly than the use of leak prone technology,
like a drive shaft that penetrates the fluid chamber and relies on O rings and traditional seals, each Kinetic Fluid Trainer includes a patented
magnetic drive system. By the use of neodymium magnets to link the drive system together, the dependence on a physical drive shaft entering the
fluid chamber is entirely eliminated–which means that no use for O rings or seals so that they can sooner or later wear out and leak.

Biggest Flywheel:

Kinetic Fluid Running shoes are equipped with the heaviest flywheels to be had, starting from an effective 4.4 pounds to an enormous 18 pounds. The result’s
an ultra smooth, road-like ride without altering the force curve. So each acceleration and coast down delivers the revel in of riding outdoors.


With the trapezoidal leg design and the most important footprint of any trainer, Kinetic Fluid Running shoes keep power and motion focused at the flywheel. So
even right through hard, out-of-the-saddle pedaling, the ride is still rock steady.

Works with Specialy Bikes:

Kinetic is the one trainer approved to be used with tandems. Kinetic Running shoes are also fully compatible with wheels measuring 16 to 29 inches (out of doors
diameter), including bikes with flip-off skewers, breezer drops-outs, and nutted axles not off course and BMX styling.

Low Operating Temperature:

In line with the laws of physics, energy isn’t lost or gained, but simply changes form. In terms of a fluid trainer, the energy of the spinning
impeller within the fluid chamber is converted into heat. Kinetic Fluid Running shoes have been designed with 80 cast aluminum cooling fins to dissipate
heat and give you the lowest operating temperature of any trainer.
This Set Includes:
1) Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer Green With DVD.
2) Kinetic T-750C Fixed Riser Ring.
3) Kinetic T-741 Rubber Bicycle Trainer Floor Mat Black.