MERRITHEW Flex Massage Stick (Green) , 17.4 inch / 44 cm

Eliminate Trigger Points
Optimal for Self-Myofascial Release & Physical Therapy
Pre-Workout Warm-Up – Ideal for Marathoners!

Designed with 12 reconfigurable massage wheels, the Flex Massage Stick is a will have to-have tool that effectively massages large muscle groups to give a boost to circulation, loosen fascia, do away with knots, and alleviate pain. The versatility of the stick means that you can hug the contours of the body even as the independent rollers manipulate muscles and fascia. This self-care tool is ideal for any person wanting a restorative lift, from athletes to pain victims. Rearrange the wheels for a perfectly targeted massage for improvements in performance, flexibility, recovery, and injury prevention. Hypoallergenic, nontoxic and phthalate free this lightweight and portable device easily dissembles for cleaning.

Do away with Trigger Points

Trigger points are inflexible bands of muscle containing knots that restrict blood drift impacting muscle performance and healing from heavy exercise or injury. By relieving these trigger points the Flex Massage Stick improves performance and speeds recovery.

Optimal for Self-Myofascial Release & Physical Therapy

Fascia is a thin, tough, elastic internet of collagen fibre that wraps, supports and protects so much structures throughout the human body. Over the years injury, state of being inactive, poor diet and stress create restrictions within this tissue. The Flex Massage Stick is ideal for identifying and rehabilitating these restrictions for improved resilience and mobility.

Pre-Workout Warm-Up – Ideal for Marathoners!

Warm muscles perform better than cool ones that means athletes have to do light exercise to warm muscles and turn on enzyme activity on the expense of energy reserves. The Flex Massage Stick allows athletes to warm-up muscles without depleting valuable energy shops.

Effective Post Workout Repair

Following exercise, muscle tightness ends up in knots and blood drift restrictions inhibiting muscle growth, tissue repair and glycogen repletion. Post workout, the Flex Massage Stick helps accelerate recovery and boosts results by relaxing tight muscles to toughen muscle growth, repairing tissue and increasing glycogen repletion. Users will take pleasure in reduced soreness and improved range of motion.

Care & Cleaning

When vital, clean the Flex Massage Stick to a combination of tea tree oil and water. A mix of mild soap and water can be utilized to take away more persistent dirt. The product may also be easily disassembled for a thorough cleaning of all components – simply pull the handles to take away and slide off the massage wheels for cleaning. Allow time to dry after which reassemble.

Do away with Trigger Points
Optimal for Self-Myofascial Release & Physical Therapy
Pre-Workout Warm-Up – Ideal for Marathoners!
Effective Post Workout Repair





















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