NordicTrack ACHIEVER Ski / Skier Machine

Calibrated upper and lower body resistance settings
Adjustable vinyl hip pad and front elevation
Calories-burned slide guide

A real cast oak and metal NordicTrack ACHIEVER that appears and works in addition to whilst it used to be first made in Chaska, Minnesota.

The Achiever is a whole-featured NordicTrack that is ideal for the ones desirous about closely monitoring their fitness progress. With the Achiever, you’ll correctly measure, in pounds or kilograms, the resistance you might be operating your muscles in opposition to via the usage of the calibrated resistance settings at the higher- and decrease frame exercisers. As well as, a slide information is helping you measure total calories burned right through your NordicTrack exercise.
Calibrated higher and decrease frame resistance settings
Adjustable vinyl hip pad and entrance elevation
Calories-burned slide information
Handlebar reinforce and wheels for simple transport
Folds for storage