Nubs, thumb sleeves for the hook grip

Cross-Training Thumb Sleeves
Takes your Hook Grip to the next level
No More Rips

Escape the tape! With Nubs®, there is not any more coping with bunched-up, sweaty tape that falls off mid-WOD and leaves your skin and gear sticky. Nubs® are Hand-made in the us from top of the range latex-free elastic subject material that matches snugly for your thumbs. These hook-grip helpers drastically cut back friction, take in sweat, and feature a relaxed padded feel that locks to your grip! Designed to stick in place all through a workout, Nubs® also are simple to place on. They take in chalk, are cleanable, and keep just about dry for all of your WOD. Make your thumbs glad! Wash with like colours, tumble dry. Each and every package is available in a collection of 2. SEE CHART IN PICTURES FOR SIZING
Cross-Coaching Thumb Sleeves
Takes your Hook Grip to the following degree
No More Rips
No More Blisters
No More Tape!











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