Phubby Unisex Spandex Sport Wrist Cubby and Arm Wallet

Sport Wrist Phone Cubby and Arm Wallet by Phubby
Measures 4.5 inches long.

The Phubby phone cubby conclusively removes the phumble by merging new-age fabrics and the anatomical wonders of a kangaroo. There’s a strategy to this greatest of all (or some) hardships. Phubby the wrist cubby merges new age fabrics and the design features of a marsupial. Just slip your hand in the course of the Phubby and it is able to act as a cubby in your phone. Now you may slide their phone out and in of the concealed pouch quicker then the onset of a second ring tone. After all the mobile phone is just a cufflink away. This patent pending invention is going to grow to be digital communications in the similar way tube socks revolutionized hosiery.. Phubby sport includes a mesh fabric that permits you to see and operate your phone, iPod, and so forth – even touch screen iPhones and Blackberrys. Your electronics fit easily into the pocket at the inside of your wrist – easy to see, get entry to and assists in keeping your item protected. This pocket includes a pull tab to simply undo the hidden piece of strong Velcro that assists in keeping your phone within the Phubby. The other side of the Phubby sport (at the out of doors of your wrist) boasts some other pocket in your keys, cards, and more. Keep the whole thing you want handy whilst at the go. The active wear Phubby has touch technology. This special mesh fabric permits you to view and operate your phone with unbelievable ease.
Sport Wrist Phone Cubby and Arm Wallet by Phubby
Measures 4.5 inches long.
Quick phone get entry to for active people
Do not misplace your phone.
















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