Powerflex 2″ Stretch Athletic Tape

Sweat and water-resistant
Tape is elastic and sticks only to itself – not to skin
Ideal for taping bandages on knees, elbows, and areas that need flexibility

Powerflex is the most recent and such a lot versatile up to date development in athletic tape. As it does no longer have adhesive, it does no longer persist with skin and Can be utilized in preference to prewrap, however As it sticks to itself it may be used to carry gauze pads and bandages in place. Powerflex is steadily utilized in medical (and veterinary) settings to carry catheters or IVs in place. Also, as a result of the wide range of colours it’s steadily used for wrapping wrists and kit in team colors or for causes (i.e. pink for breast cancer awareness). To be had colors come with: black, blue, blue/gray tiger stripe, blue/white tiger stripe, green, green/white tiger stripe, gray, light blue, lime green, maroon, navy, orange, orange/black tiger stripe, orange/white tiger stripe, pink, pink/black tiger stripe, purple, purple/white tiger stripe, red, red/black tiger stripe, red/white tiger stripe, tan, teal, white, yellow, yellow/green tiger stripe. Additionally it is To be had in 1in. 2in. 3in. 4in. and 6in. rolls.
Sweat and water-proof
Tape is elastic and sticks best to itself – to not skin
Ideal for taping bandages on knees, elbows, and spaces that want flexibility
Can be utilized underneath trainer’s tape or over gauze bandages
Each and every roll is two” by 6 yd.s (stretched)










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