ProForm Body Blitz Lift System

Make your workout exciting again with the Body Blitz by Proform®. Combine your individual body weight with quite a lot of leverage points to create More than one resistance levels for full-body exercises. Get began in just minutes with out-of-box Simple assembly that makes it easy to set up your machine. Use the included exercise chart, workout DVD, and meal plan DVD to get probably the most from your training. Make time to raise yourself as much as better, full-body fintess. Over 15 Exercises with Wall Chart Included Get full instructions at the side of informative pictures to over 15 exercies with the included exercise chart. You can learn to work all your body with very best form. The exercise chart includes instructions at the following exercises: Deadlift Alternating Lunges Side Squat Stiff Leg Deadlift Single Lef Stiff leg Deadlift Calf Raise Shrugs Upright Row Biceps Curls Front Squat Push Press Push Lunge to Overhead Press Incline Chest press Triceps Dip Lat Pulldown Revere Chin-up More than one Resistance Levels The usage of easy physics, your body combines with quite a lot of fulcrum points and bar positions to create More than one levels of resistance. Select the quantity of resistance for each and every exercise that is best for you. Out-Of-Box Simple Assembly Get began in minutes, quite than hours, with the out-of-box assembly. A couple of quick setup steps and you are to your solution to better fitness. Store under a bed if you find yourself done! Workout DVDs This two-disc set includes one disc devoted to exercise training and every other disc with a full meal plan. Disc one provides 10-minutes push and pull QuickFit workouts in addition to a 20-minute comprehensive workout. Disc two instructs about healthy calories for a are compatible body.