Sivan Essential Yoga 5 Piece Beginners Kit

Best Value Kit for beginners
6-foot long x 1.5-inch wide reinforced cotton strap
68-inch long x 24-inch wide PVC yoga mat

Get are compatible and to find internal and outer peace the usage of this Essentials yoga Package. The Package features a strong mat with a Raise bag, 2 yoga foam blocks and a strap that will help you get began practicing yoga within the convenience of your house. This Package makes the traditional apply of yoga simple and you’re going to have fun with the truth that the blocks and strap will let you to get into position. Moreover, the yoga mat is easiest to your stretching workout routines.
Highest Price Package for beginners
6-foot lengthy x 1.five-inch wide strengthened cotton strap
sixty eight-inch lengthy x 24-inch wide PVC yoga mat
2 EVA foam yoga blocks
Raise bag for mat










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