SKINS A200 Junior Long Tights

The Skins A200 range is the evolution of the pioneering Original collection. Built on SKINS? scientifically proven engineered gradient compression, the SKINS A200 Long Tights feature muscle wrapping strengthen for stronger strengthen that gives heightened performance. This garment is designed for those who are captivated with being active whether it running, playing team sports or hitting the gym.GRADIENT COMPRESSION: SKINS gradient compression has been engineered to give you the right kind level of surface pressure to precise body parts, enhancing circulation and delivering more oxygen to active muscles. Increased circulation also is helping do away with lactic acid increase and other metabolic wastes so you’ll go more difficult for longer and recuperate faster.FOCUS: SKINS wrap and strengthen key muscle groups which reduces vibration and is helping handle muscle alignment. The seams on SKINS are strategically placed to act as ‘anchor points’ offering focused strengthen and stability.The material in skins is warp knitted the usage of More than one top quality yarns to giver superior performance. Warp knit fabrics don’t have any natural stretch – as a substitute, the spandex mix ensures specific levels of elasticity and perfectly controlled compression. Any other compression brand use circular kit which has a natural stretch, making it hard to handle the proper level of compression. Circular knit fabrics also are less durable and prone to run if snagged.Warp knit construction has a ‘flow line’ between loops to help moisture management. More than one yarns are used for extra strength and to do away with running if The material is torn.The SKINS logo features more prominently in conjunction with a better density signature SKINS contrast stitching. As well as moisture wicking, temperature management and 50+ UV protection.







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