Smart Health Walking FIT

Instantly Measures: Steps, Calorie Burn, Distance
One Button Pulse/Heart Rate
Stores 1- Day Memory

BE FIT. BE FREE. BE SMART. With Good Health Technology that Makes Living Have compatibility…Easy!

Simply Put It On and Go! With our Auto Tracking Technology, Good Health Walking FIT accounts in your day-to-day activity level, and calculates your calories burned with ease! Good Health also integrates your Heart Rate and Basal Metabolic Rate into the calorie calculation, leading to probably the most accurate calorie calculation of its sort. Good Health introduces the “free living” concept where the watch does all of the be just right for you. Absolute best of all, the Good Health Walking FIT watch requires absolutely NO PERSONAL SET UP. Just set the time and get started making improvements to your fitness level lately.

AUTOMATIC TRACKING Monitors your Calorie Burn, Distance Walked & Steps Taken over all of the day. There is not any user set up required, just set the time, and get started monitoring your day-to-day activity.

ALL DAY CALORIES A proprietary technique supplies an All Day calorie burn that incorporates Basal Metabolic Rate, Activity (intensity & duration), and includes your EKG accurate Heart Rate into the calculation each and every time a reading is taken.

DISTANCE The Good Health dynamic pace calibration determines the length of your stride according to the rate of your pace. This distinctive feature removes the want to input a stride measurement all through set up.

HEART RATE Good Health uses S-PulseTM Technology to deliver EKG accurate heart rate. S-PulseTM is the established leader in episodic heart rate for Sports Brands and international commercial cardio equipment.

Smart Health Can Assist You:
-Lose Weight and stay it off
-Lower blood pressure
-Strengthen cardiac health
In an instant Measures: Steps, Calorie Burn, Distance
One Button Pulse/Heart Rate
Retail outlets 1- Day Memory
No Set Up Required
Includes Denise Austin Walking Guide
















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