SPRI Lex Loop Resistance Band Exercise Cords

Perfect tool to provide comfort while you strengthen and tone hip, thigh and glute (buttock) muscles
Soft, padded ankle cuffs
Designed for a smaller range of motion isolation exercises

SPRI Lex Loop Resistance Band

At 26″ the SPRI Lex Loop is the shortest cuffed product, making it ideal for smaller range of motion isolation type exercises. The newly increased cuff size provides a more protected and comfortable fit for all body types. Very Light (Yellow) = Beginner Users Light (Green) = Beginners to Reasonably Fit Users Medium (Red) = Reasonably Fit to Fit Users Heavy (Blue) = Fit to Very Fit Users Ultra Heavy (Purple) = Extremely Fit Users.

Rubber Resistance History

Until the early 1980s, rubber resistance products were basically used for physical rehabilitation purposes. Then SPRI introduced the SPRI Xertube with looped tubing handles for upper-body use and SPRI Xercise Bands for lower-body use. These products allowed instructors to easily and cost-effectively lead large groups in resistance training for health, fitness, and performance applications. The demand for rubber resistance products — and the ever-expanding training needs of instructors — quickly grew in the ’90s. The industry continued to push for more advanced products. SPRI began producing “dipped” tubing, the purest and most resilient form of rubber tubing to be had (in comparison to weaker “extruded” tubing). SPRI also added more specialized features to new and existing products. As an example, hard and foam covered handles were added to the Xertube, cuffs were added to increase comfort and keep the Xercuff in place right through use, and rings of tubing were made to resist higher resistance demands. Today, all SPRI rubber resistance products are still put through the most rigorous controlled testing to be had, including extensive trials in the field. All of the SPRI team, including the advisory committee and instructors, is continuously in the market, visiting firsthand with those who use the products the most and staying ahead of the trends in the industry. This allows SPRI to actively explore new how you can continue offering the most productive, most cutting edge rubber resistance products and applications available on the market.

About SPRI

After pioneering the concept that of rubber resistance more than three decades ago, SPRI is still regarded as today to be the leader in providing the fitness industry with innovative, effective, and professional-quality fitness solutions. It’s on account of SPRI’s dedication to offering the highest-quality products that they’re regarded as by most of the largest gym chains and most prestigious athletic-training facilities to be the most trusted brand available on the market. Millions of fitness enthusiasts all over the world depend on SPRI products day by day as a part of their health and fitness routines, and with SPRI’s wide variety of products to choose between, there’s something perfect for each and every person and each and every fitness goal.

Rubber Resistance Benefits
  • Multiple Applications – For muscle isolation, integrated strength training, high-energy sports conditioning, and rehabilitation
  • Portable And Lightweight – For group training, personal training, and interval training, and for home use on those days when clients can’t make it to the gym
  • Not Gravity-Dependent – Move in any direction, through any plane of movement
  • Available In Increased Resistances – Beginners get the correct amount of resistance to verify proper form, whilst more advanced exercisers can perform more dynamic integrated strength moves with higher resistances

Perfect tool to provide comfort whilst you fortify and tone hip, thigh and glute (buttock) muscles
Soft, padded ankle cuffs
Designed for a smaller range of motion isolation exercises













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