SWELTER Base Layer

Swelter Base layer sweat transport with quick drying
Rapidly pushes sweat to the surface of fabric
Keeps user fresh and comfortable

The principle advantages of the Swelter Base Layer is that it’s going to transfer sweat away out of your body to encourage your body to sweat more even as keeping you dry and comfortable to workout.
“Speedy Fresh” clothing technology has very good moisture vapour transmission ability and dries quickly when getting wet. Due to this fact as you sweat the bottom layer transfers your perspiration to the outer layer of the material making sure you remain dry and comfortable as you exercise. This process may also encourage an increase within the “sauna effect” constructed from the Sauna Suit. Sweat is of course produced to assist cool the body as the temperature rises, but as the Swelter Base Layer Abruptly pushes perspiration to the skin your body is encouraged to sweat more.
The “Speedy Fresh” serve as continues to work endlessly as a result of special texture casing and we also be certain the skin is smooth enough to forestall snagging and pilling. No chemicals are used within the production to reach this effect.
It is really useful to not wash the Swelter Base Layer inside out to offer protection to the internal structure. Machine wash on cool wash, allow to Drip dry, don’t iron.
Size Guide:

S/M Under 178cm and under 154lbs/70kgs
L 178cm plus and 154lbs/70kgs to 182lbs/83kgs
XL 178cm plus and 182lbs/83kgs to 210lbs/95kgs
2XL 183cm plus and 210lbs/95kgs to 250lbs/114kgs
3XL 183cm plus and 250lbs/114kgs to 294lbs/133kgs
4XL 183cm plus and 294lbs/133kgs plus
Swelter Base layer sweat transport with quick drying
Abruptly pushes sweat to the skin of material
Helps to keep user fresh and comfortable
Accelerates the “sauna effect” created by Swelter Sauna Suit










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