Testicular Stimulant – Most popular stimulant 2015

Super soft, elastic, stretchy Silicone
Most popular physical stimulant 2015
Always sold SEALED, in factory packaging

The Testicular Stimulant is an ultra-soft and stretchy sex toy.

Testicular Stimulant combines ball encasement with their popular Cocksling design, giving the wearer a sensual feel right through intercourse, or solo masturbation play.

The Testicular Stimulant lets in both the penis and testicles to be easily slipped via, even as the cock then exits from the opposite aspect, leaving the balls cosy and safe within the sack.

There are two small holes below every testicle to permit excess sweat or lube to simply drain.

The Testicular Stimulant operates in a similar way to a cock ring and ball-stretcher, allowing the testicles to stick firmly within the sack, making this device simple to include into cock and ball torture and teasing in addition to many other kinds of play.

Observe a few Boy Butter Extreme H2O Desensitizing Lubricant into the sack before slipping it on for extra stimulation!

This sex toy is to be had in black or transparent.

The Testicular Stimulant can be utilized with water, oil, or silicone primarily based lubricant.

Cock and Ball hole Diameter: ~1 3/4″
Cock hole Diameter: ~1″
Ball hole Diameter: ~¾”
Total Length: ~5″
Weight: 4.4oz.

Super soft, elastic, stretchy Silicone
Most well liked physical stimulant 2015
All the time sold SEALED, in factory packaging
Beneficial to be used with surgical lube










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