TomTom Runner Cardio Watch

Calorie Counter: yes
Target Heart Rate Zone: yes
Training Program: yes

Measuring your each and every stride and heartbeat, the TomTom Runner Cardio Watch provides important, cardio-specific stats for day-to-day workouts and high-octane training regimens. This run-specific watch combines built-in heart rate monitoring with QuickGPSFix Technology. It is a potent combination, which assists in keeping you on pace in your next foot race by providing target heart rate, in addition to measuring time, distance, and calories burned. Working indoors when it is raining or freezing cold out of doors, the watch’s built-in accelerometer gives accurate readings on treadmills without the usage of GPS. Incorporating innovative technology into your day-to-day running routine, the watch’s built-in heart rate monitor frees you from annoying chest strap heart rate monitors. This high-accuracy heart rate monitor measures changes in blood waft for your wrist by shining light during the skin and detecting changes in mirrored image. To make sure its accuracy, TomTom tested this device alongside electrocardiography and made up our minds it to be “extremely accurate” for light exercise and high-intensity use alike. The built-in intensity zones will let you step up your game, one level at a time. Five intensity zones mean you can burn fat or make stronger speed and fitness goals by regulating your intensity each and every step of the best way. As well as, this watch permits you to set target zones in accordance with pace or heart rate, record laps in accordance with time, distance, or user-defined settings, and race against your previous perfect performances. Bundled with the Runner Cardio Watch is a USB desk dock that connects to both PC and Mac. TomTom MySports Internet Tool permits you to sync and share data online, in addition to visualize your running route on a map (free download online). You’ll be able to also export data in more than a few file formats, including the preferred . Are compatible for personal training and . GPX for GPS tracking.
Calorie Counter: yes
Target Heart Rate Zone: yes
Training Program: yes
Fitness Test: yes
Chronograph: yes
















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