Yes4All Stretch Strap, Dynamic Multi-Loop Elastic, 76 Inches Long, COMBO Option for MORE SAVINGS

Get the stretch strap to increase your muscle capabilities for better performance. 

You are not looking for a partner to lend a hand, Yes4All Stretch Strap can be your ultimate stretching supporter. The heavy-duty nylon subject matter includes a strong and elastic tool to succeed in deeper, simpler stretches.

Benefits you’ll be able to get from Stretch strap

• Helpful in both dynamic warm-up before yoga and other sports and day-to-day stretching routine

• Save you injuries and total body circuit workout;

• Use for physical therapy, rehab, tension alleviation

• Strengthen overall flexibility

Also, stretching frequently with Yes4All Stretch Strap can trigger blood circulation and give more blood and nutrient to muscles; consequently, it is helping scale back muscle pain, build strength and building up range of motion in core muscles.


The strap measures 76 inches long, 1 inch wide, providing a beautiful head-to-toe stretch and focused on more than one muscle groups on the same time.

Easy use and storage

Simple to make use of and is sufficiently small to hold around in a small bag on your convenience.

Take a look at our stretch strap and feel more comfortable, less tensed and throughout more vibrant all the way through the day!!!











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