Yes4All Yoga Towel For Hot Yoga, Mat Size, 100% Absorbant, Quick-Dry

Made of soft, super absorbent, elastic Micro fiber material
Easy care, machine washable, fast drying, non-bleach.
Product dimension: 72 x 24″ large enough to cover most yoga mats

Let’s stay clean and healthy!

Your Yoga mat isn’t as clean as you think! In truth, it even has more gems and bacteria on than a cell phone or an airplane seat. Even worse, if you happen to use the mat on public fitness center, it may contain cold, flu virus. Do not be concerned!!! Just put the Yes4All Yoga Towel for your mat to put the hygienic barrier between you and the mat.

Better focal point, more comfort

Product of one hundred% Microfiber subject matter with 80% Polyester and 20% Nylon, the yoga towel can quickly take in the sweat, keep you body cool and dry the entire 90-minute session. Our towel is soft like velvet and make you are feeling so relaxed to make use of. It stays in place and does not move around all the way through practice ; plus provides the non-slip grip and covers your yoga mat in full, so You’ll be able to deeper into more advanced techniques with out interruption.

Easy care Towel

Yes4All Yoga Towel is machine cleanable and fast-drying more than any cotton towel. You’ll be able to easily wash with cold water and after it dries, the towel continues to be flat and soft. No bleach or fabric softener will bother you.
Made of soppy, super absorbent, elastic Micro fiber subject matter
Simple care, machine cleanable, fast drying, non-bleach.
Product dimension: 72 x 24″ sufficiently big to hide such a lot yoga mats
Stay in place, provide non-slip grip, keep you stay firm at the mat and practice more
To be had in gray, Indigo, Turquoise, black, purple color












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