YogaAccessories (TM) Small Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster

Machine washable, 100% cotton cover
Rectangular, oblong and both ends have handles
100% natural cotton batting

Our Small Rectangular Cotton Yoga Bolster is perfect for smaller yogis…including kids! This additional dense bolster, to be had in five beautiful colors, offers the easiest strengthen in your yoga practice. A just right yoga bolster must be firm enough to strengthen you in challenging poses, yet simple to move at the mat. Made with one hundred% natural cotton, you’ll be able to to find that this small yoga bolster is firm enough to supply strengthen, yet soft and at ease for on a regular basis use. Place one below your back or shoulders whilst lying right down to assist open up the chest and lengthen the spine. The small rectangular cotton yoga bolster is 22″ x 5″ x 8″ and has a zippered opening so you’ll be able to put off the cotton batting whilst you wash the duvet. Please see our Large Deluxe Rectangular Yoga Bolster in the event you prefer a bigger size.
Machine cleanable, one hundred% cotton cover
Rectangular, oblong and both ends have handles
one hundred% natural cotton batting
22” x 5” x 8”










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