YogaAccessories (TM) Thunderbird Supreme Mexican Yoga Blanket

Extremely soft and warm
High quality with bright attractive colors
79” long by 51” wide (approx)

The intense and colorful YogaAccessories™ Thunderbird Supreme Mexican Yoga Blanket will add color, taste, heat, and luxury for your yoga routine. One of the versatile props in yoga, a blanket (or two) can be utilized for strengthen all over shoulder stands, headstands, to exchange a bolster (specifically in breath-opening pranayama yoga), and naturally to hide you on the end of your routine all over Savasana. These blankets are very well-liked by yoga studios because they’re wool-free and won’t produce an allergic reaction in students.

Famous icon of Indian mythology, the Golindrina Thunderbird is the spirit of thunder and lightening embodied within the form of a really perfect bird. Blending the wealthy colors of Mexico and the American Southwest with this revered image, this gorgeous blanket provides you with the additional strengthen you want.
Extremely soft and heat
Prime quality with bright attractive colors
79” long by 51” wide (approx)
Created from a cotton blend
Thick, durable, and machine cleanable










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