YogaDirect Zen Pillow with Cotton Batting

Comfortable rectangular shape
Filled with chemical-free cotton
Sturdy, heavy cotton twill cover with handle

Our zen pillow is very similar to a conventional zafu, but rectangular as an alternative of round! The oblong form makes this a flexible yoga prop, helpful for meditation, sitting, and reclining poses. Every zen pillow has a robust care for sewn tightly on one end. We fill our zen pillows with one hundred% natural cotton. The filling is densely packed to supply a pretty good cushion, and yet is soft enough to be Relaxed because the zen pillow is made with all natural fibers. The outer cover is manufactured from a robust, one hundred% twill cotton. The zen pillows have a smaller zippered opening which is smartly hidden underneath the care for. You’ll be able to also adjust the quantity of stuffing in Every zen pillow, thus changing the peak and the firmness. Every zen pillow is 15” long, 11” wide, and 5” tall, and is To be had in various colors. Zen pillows are normally used with a zabuton cushion to supply comfort and give a boost to to help you on your sitting practice.
Relaxed rectangular form
Stuffed with chemical-free cotton
Robust, heavy cotton twill cover with care for
15” long by 11” wide by 5” tall
To be had in many colours













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