ZAAP TX3000 1100W Electric Motorized Treadmill Running Machine

Great Running Electric treadmill designed for improving runners
Different speed intervals with maximum speed of 7.4 MPH
12 built in fitness programs with Multi-function LED display

A top quality treadmill from ZAAP with numerous features that will help you maximize your workout.

To keep your running various and exciting, this treadmill features no fewer than 12 different running programs, adjusting speed that will help you hit your goals. Every program is well set the usage of one of the vital 12 numbered buttons, with a diagram on the best of the machine showing what Every represents.

If you don’t seem to be a born runner, running on an electrical treadmill can get boring. This treadmill features an iPad/pill stand to lend a hand pass the time, in addition to speakers so you don’t seem to be tethered for your headphones.

The board folds up easily with its hydraulic lend a hand serve as in order that it uses less space if you end up done together with your run.

The treadmill is powered by a 1100W motor, suitable for users as much as 264lbs as much as speeds of 7.4mph.


Running speeds from 0.6 mph to 7.4 mph
12 inbuilt fitness programs
Built-in speakers with 3.5mm jack
LED displays shows speed, distance, time, calories and heart rate
12 quick make a selection preset speeds
Speed adjustors and ON/OFF switch to be had bars
Heart rate sensors
Folding design with hydraulic lend a hand
Emergency stop clip
iPad Holder
ZaapSpring Shock Absorbers for a smoother, more at ease run


Power of motor (W): 1100W/1.5HP
Max user weight: 264lbs
Runway size: 47 (L)x 16.5 (W) inches
Size when able to be used: 61 (L) x 28.7 (W) x 50.8 (H) inches
Folded dimensions: 35.8 (L) x 28.7 (W) x 54 (H) inches
Weight: 108lbs
Great Running Electric treadmill designed for making improvements to runners
Different speed intervals with maximum speed of 7.4 MPH
12 inbuilt fitness programs with Multi-serve as LED display
Folds down for simple storage